Governamental Resource Planning

The government, faced with a desperate situation in which he demands a transparent accountability and more effective management has had to innovate and transform the government by incorporating information technology in order to streamline their processes and information.

The GRP (Government Resource Planning) covers the functions and programs of Federal, State and Municipal government and decentralized public agencies and other government entities.

The solution supports areas of government management by automating tasks, integration of information and processes and adaptation programs, objectives, regulations and normativities of each entity of government.

The areas that are covered with a GRP are:


  • Accounting Harmonization.

  • Planning and management of resources and operations.

  • Managing government relations, with citizens, other government agencies, suppliers and employees.

  • Monitoring and performance management.

  • Management and control of revenues and operations.

This platform enables monitoring and management of government performance using dashboards and use of performance indicators.

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